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A lot of coaches these days are turning away from face to face training. Is it the 'convenience' of doing online? Will the coach be able to service more clientele? Most likely yes, but will they be able to give the same quality service and attentiveness to their client? I still heavily believe in face to face coaching. After all, this is where you LEARN movement patterns. LEARN how to position yourself in the most OPTIMAL POSITION to build muscle and gain strength. In my sessions I am heavily focused on educating you in exercise execution. There are a number of things I will teach you. Engage the working muscle. Maintaining maximal mechanical tension on a muscle. Teaching you the maximum shortened position of a specific muscle are among just some of the things you will learn when working with me. Everyone is different, people have different shaped bodies and limbs, my objective is to find what works best for YOU. After all, we are creating YOUR best physique.  Face to face coaching sessions are $125 for the full hour.

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