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Welcome to my Online Coaching service. What do I do for you here? I create a structured training and meal plan based around YOUR goals. Remember we are building YOUR ideal physique. We create a training program and have the allocated sets, weight and reps all laid out for you. All you have to do is aim for these targets ;) Everything is based off your one rep max effort in a bench press, squat and deadlift (obviously with great exercise execution) From this, I have an understanding of your strength and therefore am able to assign the appropriate weight to your exercises. Each time you train, you will have targets to aim for, you are always trying to hit the highlighted blue marker (shown in photo) This is a great way to stay motivated in the gym as you are ALWAYS trying to progress. As far as food intake is concerned, I write out a meal plan that YOU will follow. We put foods in that you WANT to eat. If I put foods in that you don't like.. will you actually stick to it? As the weeks progress, we make changes to the plan based on the result. We either increase or decrease the food depending on your goal.  Online coaching is $75 per week.

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