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Posing is one of the most important factors of a bodybuilding competition. First or second place can often come down to how you present yourself on stage. Think of it this way. If you have two competitors, both of whom look incredible on stage and the judges can't seem to decide on the victor. Who do you think they will choose, an athlete who hits the mandatory poses just 'fine' or an athlete who displays great flow, connection with the audience and confidence on stage? The guy who can pose will always have a better opportunity than the guy who can not. I will work with you to get you into the best possible position to execute the pose. A competitors body shape will differ from one to another so my objective is to find the best way to pose for YOU. The best way to display YOUR physique on stage. I will help increase your confidence and flow on stage so that when you do walk out in front of all those people, you know exactly what you're doing and you will enjoy the process and have fun, rather than be stressed and waste your opportunity to showcase what you have worked so hard for.  Posing sessions are $125 for the hour.


Here is my Mr Victoria winning 2017 posing routine.

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