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  • Ryan Underwood

What is the PERFECT training program?

The short answer is.. There is no perfect training program. Sorry if you thought I was going to give you the 'secret' to building muscle, getting strong and losing fat. Reality is, I could create the perfect program in a matter of seconds. Example - Day one will be squats and leg curls, day two will be bench press and pull-ups, day three you rest, day four will be deadlift and a lunge variety and day five will be overhead press and dips. There.. A perfect program that can turn your physique into something pretty special.

The problem is that these days a lot of people want their program to look 'pretty' and have all kinds of supersets, drop sets, ascending drop sets and about a thousand different exercises for variety so they don't get 'bored'. The truth is that if people would spend more time on perfecting the basic exercises like I mentioned above, then they wouldn't need to add all these 'shocking' methods to their training. Now before you jump in and interrupt me and say 'but Arnold did heaps of drop sets, supersets etc and look at his physique' Firstly.. Thats Arnold. Are you in the same league as Arnold? Or do you dedicate your time/life to training and bodybuilding like he did? Sure these techniques are fine to throw into your training every now and then and yes they can be fun, the 'pump' is sick bra! I even throw them in from time to time. But it doesn't necessarily contribute to the growth of your physique.

What I am always trying to do with my own training and that of my clients is to teach them exercise execution. Perfecting the movement. Now you can't really 'perfect' a movement. The word 'perfection' can be different from one person to another, but if I chase perfection, I will obtain excellence.. right that down ;) Lets run through an example. What is a main exercise to build your lower body? A Squat? Great. If you squat on January 1st and you squat every week for the whole year, thats 52 times that you had squats in your workout. Take into account the amount of sets, reps etc that you may have done in your workout, thats a lot of squats over the year. My point is, the more you do a movement and continue to study that movement and get better at that movement, hundreds of repetitions, the better your result will be. If you try to cram your workout with too many exercises you'll be rushing to get through them and you will miss the opportunity to truly focus on improving the main movements and improving your exercise execution. Remember.. The better your execution of a movement is, the better your result will be.

Ok, lets wrap it up! What do I think the best training program is? For beginner to intermediate I would say between three to five days (depending on the individual of course) No more than four exercises per workout (possibly 6 if only training three days or only training arms for example) Mainly compound movements. Upper body trained twice and lower body trained twice. For the more advanced athlete, training a body part once a week may be sufficient due to their ability to create maximum tension and load. I have had programs where one day will be deadlifts, thats it. Another day might just be squats, thats it. End of the day ANY program can be beneficial but its HOW that individual applies themselves to the program that will really determine your results.

Stay Aesthetic team.


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